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Business Coaching -Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]                       In Australia Phone 0403 365 855


Can I get help one-on-one with my business?

Yes, one-on-one services are available for business owners to get help with those areas of their business they would like to change or improve. Coaching is an excellent way to get things done you've been unable to put into place until now. It is also a great way to shed some of that stress if you have been carrying around problems that are not getting better. Clients I work with tend to be quite innovative and good at what they do but an external perspective can add new angles that help to move you to action. 


Do you only work with bigger businesses?

No, businesses of all sizes can get help. No matter if you are large or small, an executive looking for personal coaching or a small business owner there is a business service you can access. Just starting out? Ask about the Kickstarter program. 

I have a large client base and I don't really know how to make the most of it. Is there anything I can do?

Yes there is a lot that you can do to grow the profits within your business and improve your relationships with your existing clients. Many businesses fail to leverage the intellectual property and other valuable assets within the business. Yet the reality is, that it is much easier to sell to someone who has already placed their trust in a business, than someone new. 

We have programs designed to activate additional business and income streams within a practice - and develop your relationship with clients, and become more valuable to clients at the same time. The bottom line? If you don't have an effective and customer-focused system for marketing within your client-base, you are simply leaving money on the table, in your business.


What about business planning? Is it really necessary?

Business planning can take many forms. Many business plans are generated for the purpose of obtaining finance, and as a tool to help you develop your business, can be less than useless! On the other hand, a well constructed business plan should articulate your clear vision of where you want to drive the business, and accommodate all the steps you need to get you there.

Whether you need a full-blown extensive business plan or a more streamlined version to get you want to go, will depend on the business, the structure and the goals that you have in mind to reach. Either way, it is vital for the health of a business, to have a very clear idea of where you want to end up, and what to do to achieve it. The method to use that is going to work best for you will depend on how you process information, and what works for you. For that reason, we like to tailor solutions for the individual business owner. A good business plan is not only a document, it is a testament to the business you want to create, the values that pertain to the business and is a vehicle to allow staff and customers to understand and participate in that Vision.

I live in the country. Is there a way that I can get help from your services?

Yes! Many businesses are located away from the metropolitan centres, and we definitely want to make 'city solutions' available for business owners living in the country. Remote services are available, contact us for details, with a brief outline of your situation and we will respond as soon as possible.


I have a retail business. Can you help me too?

Retail shares many of the same issues as other businesses, but some that are unique to retailing. We can help with retail businesses too, no matter if it is from articulating and implementing your vision, increasing profitability in the business, streamlining and setting up business systems, building customer retention and reactivation programs, or addressing issues on the shop floor and staffing.


I am an accountant. Can you help me help my clients?

Yes! We have special programs for accountants who want to improve their business and profitability through streamlining operations, and procedures and adding value for clients. Additionally, we provide services that accountants can make available to clients in areas outside their expertise, but are valuable to clients in development and increase focus and profits. Very often this may lead to additional services that the clients may require from the referring accountant.

I have franchised my business, and as a franchisor, I have a team that I want to help succeed in their franchise businesses in their local territory. Can you help me help them?

Yes, we can work with you to tailor programs to suit, which incorporate your processes and expands the outlook of franchisees. A problem for many franchisors, can be getting their new franchisees to fully understand that are not business owners - not employees! Switching that attitude can be a vital element to making a success of their new business. This is important for both the franchisee and the franchisor, since success breeds more success, and confirms the value of the product and means more franchises to sell.


I run a small business but would like to get my business known on the internet. Can you help me with making my business selling online?

Yes! We love working with business owners who want to take their business to the next level and getting online is a great way to build a 'bricks and mortar' business. It is a big learning curve and unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there! We can help you build your marketing plan to incorporate the elements that relate to your online presence on the internet and help you with planning your social media action plan too.

Individual classes tailored to your business and industry are now available for social media marketing, Facebook for Business, Twitter and Pinterest for Businesss and Content marketing and Blogging for business. 

I have heard that social media is the new thing to know about for business. Is this something that I should be thinking about too?

Yes social media can be an important part of your overall marketing and sales development plan. There are some rules around etiquette that are worth understanding before jumping in and learning the hard way! We can help you with planning your social media implementation and integrating that with your branding and overall vision for the business. and your marketing plan.  Workshops available.


Social Media Marketing, Training and Management Available. 

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