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Whether you have a conventional 'bricks and mortar' business in Main Street, or a business that uses online technology and delivery methods, you'll find articles here to help you improve your business, your personal skills and ideas to think about. Read my articles and you'll get to know how I approach life and business. 

I hope you find them food for thought. 


Business Coaching Articles

The Business Plan - A Must-Do For Success!

Your Difference That Makes A Difference

Who Does What? Roles In Your Business

The Secret Asset In Any Business

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How To Create Your Personal Network

Feeding Your Circle of Influence

Business And The Internet Articles

Love Your Customers - Engage.

Social Media 

Local Business & Social Media

Personal Coaching Articles

Setting Clear Goals

NLP - What Is It Good For?

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Get Your Business Ready For Innovation

Live A Conscious Life

Your Gift To Self

Build A Stress-Free Business

Notworking Or Networking?

Selection Criteria. How Do You Make A Choice?

Goals: Creating An Achievable Outcome

Social media. Making Friends In Business

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